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Module 1: Learning through experience

  • Number of learners: 10
  • Facilitator: Entos Team of Facilitators
  • Released: 2021-08-12 12:45:24
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration:

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Module 1 focuses on the ability of using the initiative for value creation as a learning opportunity, of learning with others and reflecting and learning from both successes and failures. Learning through experience is the competence thanks to which we create knowledge by transforming our own experience.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Final Assessments - Module 1


Entos Team of Facilitators

ENTOS: Entrepreneurship Through Sport

The European Commission fosters the development of entrepreneurial skills for young people in order not only to become entrepreneurs, but also to empower their employability becoming able to better seize new opportunities.

Education plays an essential role in the development of the Entrepreneurial mindset, and teachers are the central figures of this learning-approach. Teachers cannot support the development of Entrepreneurial mindsets, if they don't acquire themselves this knowledge and the attitude first.

This is the goal of ENTOS methodology: providing sports teachers with the awareness of the importance of Entrepreneurship Education and, at the same time, with tools & guidelines for managing sport activities with the final aim of improving their students' entrepreneurial attitude and skills.

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1. Introduction
Final Assessments - Module 1