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Module 1 focuses on the ability of using the initiative for value creation as a learning opportunity, of learning with others and reflecting and learning from both successes and failures. Learning through experience is the competence thanks to which we create knowledge by transforming our own experience.

20 Students

Module 2 focuses on how coping with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk’, handling fast-moving situations promptly and flexibly despite the unstable environment.

10 Students

Module 3 focuses on the competence of being creative in every situation which may arise. Being creative is not just a congenital ability but it can be trained and developed in everyone of us. Creativity is the competence which helps us change our new imaginative thoughts and ideas into actions and allows us to make something new, innovative and valuable.

11 Students

Module 4 focuses on the ability of taking the initiative to create value by taking up challenges, acting and working independently to achieve goals, sticking to intentions, and carrying out planned tasks. Taking the initiative is the competence that transforms intentions into actions and is at the core of the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.

4 Students

Module 5 focuses to have a good Self-awareness that involves understanding yourself and how you are likely to respond to situations.

12 Students